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Fixed/Mobile Integration in the Telecommunications Sector:

Substantial Issues in EU Merger Control

Kalpana Tyagi


To counter the decline in Average Revenue per User, Mobile Network Operators adopted one of the four potential strategies: local mobile and cross-border mobile consolidation; fixed/mobile (F/M) mergers and local cable consolidation. The first part of this two part article critically analysed four-to-three telecom mergers across the European Union. This article seeks to present and critically assess the approach of the EU in its assessment of F/M mergers, alongside a focus on its conglomerate merger enforcement activities. To assess the non-horizontal effects in F/M mergers, this article undertakes an inter-disciplinary approach using insights from competition law, economics and corporate strategy.

Kalpana Tyagi, PhD Candidate; Max Planck Institute for Competition and Innovation, Munich, Germany. For correspondence: <>. I am grateful to my PhD supervisor Prof Dr Josef Drexl, LMU and Max Planck Institute and Prof Dr Thomas Fetzer, University of Mannheim & MaCCI for their comments on my research. Sincere thanks to Stefan Frübing and all the organisers of the MaCCI Annual Conference 2018. Special thanks to the anonymous peer reviewers for their valuable feedback. I would also like to express my gratitude to the executive editor of CoRe for providing helpful feedback through the editing of this article. Errors if any, are mine.


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