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Cross-border Mergers:

A Missed Opportunity and Ways to Improve the Procedure

Mateusz Brzeziński


Keywords: Cross-border Mergers, Companies, High-Tech, Procedure

The freedom of establishment gives the opportunity to do business in any European Union Member State. To facilitate and improve this possibility, the EU legislator has adopted rules on cross-border mergers. Despite the growing popularity of cross-border mergers, conducting this type of merger, especially if it concerns a larger number of companies from different jurisdictions, is not an easy or quick process. This may be due to the fact that there are many obstacles to cross-border mergers. Although a cross-border merger requires a lot of organisational efforts and overcoming of many hurdles, companies that have decided to consolidate in accordance with the described mechanism might confirm that the economic benefits that can be achieved as a result are worth it.
Keywords: Cross-border Mergers, Companies, High-Tech, Procedure

Mateusz Brzeziński, LLM Utrecht University (European Law), Uniwersytet SWPS Master of Laws, PhD candidate in Laws. For correspondence: <>.


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