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2nd CoRe Conference Proceedings ∙ Current Issues of Competition Policy in E-Commerce, by Thomas Weck

Thomas Weck

E-commerce is characterised by the importance of platform operators, the collection and analysis of large amounts of data as well as the use of algorithms. All these elements of e-commerce give rise to novel questions to competition policy. In Germany, a new discussion has emerged about whether legislature should amend the Competition Act further with regard to online platforms. Dealing with the distribution via platforms and issues related to data remain the realm of the competition agencies and the courts at this stage. As concerns algorithms, it is still unclear whether intervention is necessary at all. Here, it is imperative to gain a better understanding of the relevant facts.

Dr Thomas Weck, LLM, is lead analyst at the Monopolies Commission in Bonn. This article is based on a presentation prepared for ‘Panel 3: Algorithms, Data, Vertical Restraints, Coty: How Exciting will Competition Policy in E-Commerce become?’, which was part of the 2nd CoRe Competition Law Conference in Brussels on 24 October 2018. The article exclusively reflects the personal opinion of its author. For correspondence: <mailto:thomas.weck@monopolkommission.bund.de>.


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